We stand behind Our Work

About Our Services

Rayco Exteriors specializes in Multi-family and HOA improvements, and offers an array of services for your communities.

Multi-family properties require routine exterior maintenance in order to keep them looking great and to continually attract new residents, which is why Rayco makes maintenance and complete renovations of communities such a point of focus. Our team of skilled craftsmen specializes in both small and large projects containing several hundred units and has expertise in hard access and mid-rise projects.

Services Include:

Full preparation and painting of exteriors using premium paints and specialty coatings.

Dry rot repair, termite repair, siding & trim replacement, structural beam replacement, fence repair, patio cover and most exterior construction services.

Deck reconstruction, waterproof coatings, epoxy flooring, concrete stains, and decorative coating services.

Efflorescence repair, vapor barrier repair, concrete spiraling repair, fog coating, and complete re-stucco.

Rayco is fully equipped to handle wrought iron repair or fabrication, and installation of new wood or vinyl fencing.

We offer the best siding finishes available from 100% natural to 100% composite.
Looking to upgrade your existing building envelope to protect and modernize? We can help put together a complete plan that can be done at once or phased over multiple years. We also work with many banks to assist in financing.

HOA communities and complexes

Rayco’s Work Practices

  • Work is completed on consecutive business days (weather permitting) from 8am – 4:30pm unless specified otherwise.
  • All employees are dressed professionally in Rayco shirts and apparel.
  • All work is performed and completed by Rayco team members and partners.
  • Work in progress near pedestrian traffic areas will be clearly marked with cones, signs or caution tape.

B General Contractor’s License

Warranty Assurance

Our Warranty Assurance program includes yearly inspections for the duration of the warranty. We schedule a day to send out a foreman who is knowledgeable about your community in order to inspect the job for potential failures. We will spend that day touching up and coating areas prone to water, sun or bug intrusion. If we find areas of concern, a report of the items will be sent to the board and management. 

In addition to the warranty, we will send a file to the board and HOA containing all of the colors and products used for future reference once the project is completed. We will also leave labeled touch up paint onsite.

Warranty assurance is done on a per contract basis. Please check your contract for eligibility.

lead safety training and strict OSHA training


  • Our Foreman will be able to answer all on-site questions and issues during the project. A direct management contact will also be available at all times.
  • You will be provided our Foreman’s name and contact information, along with your Project Manager’s contact information.
  • Two week notices are posted prior to our planned painting and/or construction schedule.
  • A 24-48 hour notice is given when working on individual units.
  • Weekly updates will be sent to your staff.